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Lawton’s Cervical Cancer Public Service Announcement Wins Award

Lawton’s Cervical Cancer Public Service Announcement Wins Award
Charter Communications PSA for Statewide Campaign to End Cervical Cancer in Our Lifetime a Winner




The Media Communications Association International announced that the Lt. Governor Lawton’s public service announcement (PSA) to raise awareness of cervical cancer and its prevention was selected for a WAVE (Web, Audio, Visual Excellence) Award in the Public Service category.  The award-winning PSA was produced by Charter Communications.


The 30-second announcement began airing on the Charter Communications network on February 21, 2008 reaching hundreds of thousands of households.  The PSA continued Lt. Governor Lawton’s statewide awareness campaign, launched in November, 2007. Former first lady and founder of the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation, Sue Ann Thompson, joined her on a two-day, four-city awareness tour. The effort is also a part of the National Lieutenant Governors Association’s nationwide push to make cervical cancer awareness a priority.


“Cervical cancer is both common, treatable and, now, often preventable,” said Lt. Governor Lawton. “Many thanks to the entire crew from Charter Communications, whose generous and expert teamwork led to help raise awareness of this important issue.”


The WAVE Awards recognize outstanding achievement in communication produced for Video, Audio, CD-ROM, DVD and Web/Multi-media. The competition is open to anyone who meets the entry criteria and whose submissions conform to the WAVE competition guidelines


Crew credits for the PSA are as follows: Videographer-Michael Curwood, Lighting-Joel Inden, Production Assistants-Kelly Klaschus & Wendy Patterson, Editor-John Underly and Producer/Director-John Nee. 


Video of the announcement is available online at (click on the End Cervical Cancer Button on the right side of the screen).   


Time Warner Cable also produced and aired a PSA as a part of Lt. Governor Lawton’s campaign to End Cervical Cancer in Our Lifetime.




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