Floral Care & Handling

Chain of Life Network

The Chain of Life Network® is a comprehensive assembly of information that can be used by growers, wholesalers, florists, supermarkets, brokers, breeders, importers, educators, bouquet manufacturers, associations, students, and floral supply companies to improve the performance of cut flowers and greens, cuttings, plugs, and foliage, flowering and bedding plants.

Temperature Measurements for Flowers/ Greens

This article was written by George Staby, Jim Thompson and Michael Reid and provides useful information for all floral professionals.

USDA Care & Handling Guidelines

Continuing to promote proper cold chain principles, WF&FSA encourages you to use this resource, "Commercial Storage of Fruits, Vegetables, and Florist and Nursery Stocks," published by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

Improving the Cold Chain for Cut Flowers & Potted Plants

This publication addresses the impact that temperature, time, ethylene, moisture, disease and transportation issues have on flower quality and longevity.

Cut Flower Minimum Guidelines