Ten Reasons To Belong to WF&FSA

  1. Valuable networking opportunities throughout the year bring together the best and brightest in the industry.
    • Floral Distribution Conference
    • Management Institute
    • University of Industrial Distribution
  2. You will be helping support the retail florists as the wholesalers' most important customer with Direct2florist.com.
    • Internet Order Generator – consumers worldwide can place orders directly with traditional local florists.
    • Instant E-Commerce – Florists can be up and running in minutes
    • 100% value on Every Order – Orders are not discounted. No relay fees.
    • 100% Control – Florist upload their own products, set their own prices and select their own delivery areas.
  3. Financial toolkit provides expert advice for bigger profits.
    • Operating Ratio Report - free!
    • Quarterly profit improvement reports – free!
    • Benchmark survey results – participation is free!
    • Credit and Collection programs – discounts available!
    • Employee compensation study (every other year) 
    • Business valuation template – free!
  4. The Wholesale Marketing Campaign continues to communicate the value off floral wholesalers and offers marketing guidance to wholesalers.
    • Trade advertising campaign reaches floral retailers across the nation.
    • Industry relations program garners positive publicity
    • Marketing Essentials – comprehensive research findings, best practices, market-plan designs
    • Retail Florist of the Year Award – Annual contest sponsored by WF&FSA and Florists' Review.
  5. Industry-wide and market-rich information is available 24/7 – for free!
    • E-newsletter, netWORK
    • Quarterly Profit Improvement Reports – free!
  6. Electronic Membership directory gives instant access to key decision-makers.
  7. Easy-to-use online search helps floral retailers to find wholesale members.
  8. Professional development programs keep your employees on the cutting edge.
    • Management Institute to develop and hone leadership skills
    • Open Talks
    • Seminars
    • Webinars
    • University of Industrial Distribution
  9. Valuable discount programs save you time and money.
    • FUELMAN fleet purchasing card offers discount on all fuel purchases and average annual savings of 10%./li>
    • Electric Checks - Free service for bounced checks
    • Credit & Collections with ABC Amega – new rates, free newsletter!
    • Merchant Bankcard Program with US Bank – low rates, easy to use
  10. The Emerging Leaders' Network offers people who are new to the industry, new to your company or new to WF&FSA an immediate opportunity to network with peers.
    • Emerging Leaders' online directory
    • Monthly Emerging Leaders' e-newsletter
    • Opportunities to get involved at every WF&FSA event

Let WF&FSA become a valuable resource for you and your company.


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