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Distribution Software Guide - BSW Consulting

The annual Distribution Software Guide offers a simplified comparison matrix to help wholesalers find and compare software packages. The Guide features more than 20 companies that offer software solutions specific to wholesale distributing.

Data Mining

By Catalina Correa, IFD

Data mining can be defined as the process of sorting through large quantities of data to identify patterns and trends. These patterns and trends can be collected, analyzed and used to make intelligent decisions pertaining to specific business scenarios.

Your Disaster Recovery Plan

By Joe Dishon, Syndicate Sales, Inc.

Do you need one? One word…YES! If you are in business today and want to remain in business following a major disaster, then you need to have a plan. What is it? A disaster recovery plan is exactly that. It is a plan that is developed and routinely maintained that documents all of the information you would need to recover from a major disaster.

Best Practices for Implementing ERP

By Geoff Wiltjer, Greenleaf Wholesale Florist Inc.

After all the hard work of choosing the best new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for your company, your next challenge is to successfully implement the system so that your users embrace the new system, take ownership for it’s success and responsibility for using it properly. This article addresses the key steps for success for WF&FSA members.

There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Conversion

By Steve Epner, BSW Consulting

A conversion sounds simple enough. Spend some time training on a new system. Convert the master files in your spare time. Then "cut over" to the new system and turn the old one off. What is difficult about that? Plenty!

What Must You Do to Successfully Implement Your New System?

By Julie Wolfe, BSW Consulting

After selecting a computer system that meets your organization’s requirements, you must plan and schedule the resources necessary for a successful implementation.