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Covenants: Exhibit A

The Woods of Indian Run Development Standards

The general character of THE WOODS OF INDIAN RUN will be predominantly two-story and 1½-story homes of traditional to soft contemporary style featuring natural materials and finishes such as brick, stone, wood and stucco. Duplication of floor plans is acceptable as long as the front elevation is significantly different. Roof pitches should be a minimum of 7/12. Roofs will have a minimum of six (6) inches overhand and three (3) inches rake.

The only use permitted in this Subdivision is single family homes. The home will be located on the lot taking into consideration its existing topography and natural vegetation. There is to be emphasis on tree preservation, natural lot drainage, and existing adjacent homes. Where possible, sideload garages are encouraged.

The following minimum standards shall apply to each lot:

Minimum Side Yards - six (6) feet minimum

Total of Side Yards - fourteen (14) feet minimum

Maximum Height - 1½-story home shall not exceed twenty-six (26) feet above grade at front elevation. Two-story home shall not exceed thirty-five (35) feet above grade at front elevation.

Minimum rear yard - fifteen (15) feet minimum

Sidewalks - Required along street frontage four (4) foot in width installed by homebuilder.

Setbacks - Shall be twenty-five (25) feet and thirty (30) feet where applicable. On wooded lots setbacks will be determined with tree preservation as a control, but in no case less than twenty-five (25) feet. (See Exhibit A, Figure 1). 

Alternate Drive Locations - Shall vary with the intent to preserve trees. The maximum width of the drive at the right of way will be twenty (20) feet. (See Exhibit A, Figure 2).

No Build Zones/Easements - Within these areas, no structure or dwelling may be constructed. (See Exhibit A, Figure 3).

Fencing - To permit fencing on an individual lot while providing a consistent street scape, the following shall apply:

  1. A split rail fence, not to exceed 3½ feet in height with optional wire mesh, may be installed on a single-family lot except in the no build zones. Said fence shall be constructed in accordance with the specifications attached. (See Exhibit A, Figure 4). No stockade or other solid fence shall be permitted.
  2. Notwithstanding the above, a lot owner may install a fence around an in-ground swimming pool. Such fences shall be in accordance with applicable governmental and insurance regulations.

Further, if such fences are required then these fences shall be made of wood or surrounded by a wooden outer fence and shall be subject to review by the Association's Board of Review.

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