The Woods of Indian Run HOA encourages all homeowners to sign up and actively participate in the WIR Neighborhood Listserv to use as a method of neighborhood communication.  A listserve is an efficient method for communicating and distributing information to a group via email. Our ‘group' is comprised of the residents of The Woods of Indian Run. Each household can enroll TWO email addresses in the group.

The listserve is PRIVATE and no one will have access to it except residents of The Woods of Indian Run. Your email addresses will not be distributed to anyone, however your email addresses will be visible to listserve participants whenever you send a message to the listserve.

How to Enroll

There is no charge to participate. Please use the link below to add your name/email:

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Your request must be approved by our ListServ Admin and once your email address(es) have been added to the listserve, you will be sent notification and participation instructions via email. You may then begin using the listserve to communicate with other residents in our neighborhood.

Send a Message

Whenever there is something you would like to publicly communicate to your neighbors, simply send a message to the listserve email address and your message will be sent to everyone in the neighborhood who has registered to participate.

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If you have any questions or if you've recently changed your email address, please contact for assistance.