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In partnership with YATCO, the Yacht Brokers Association of America is proud to introduce the YBAA MLS, an association owned and controlled MLS service dedicated exclusively to YBAA members.

Realizing the frustration of many individual brokerage companies today, the YBAA MLS will provide a mechanism for YBAA members to take back control of their data and future online.

Technology Built from the Bottom Up for the YACHTING INDUSTRY

Unlike industry outsiders who take a top-down approach to software development, YATCO knows that the best way to build a digital platform is by listening to our clients, understanding their needs, and developing a system that meets the demands of our members.

The YATCO team is balanced with industry insiders, technological experts, and marketing gurus, making it possible to deliver state-of-the-art platforms.

One Complete Integrated Sales Solutions

YBAA MLS Features YBAA MLS Features YBAA MLS Features
Fleet Manager™ MLS Sales Manager™ CRM Search
YBAA MLS Features YBAA MLS Features YBAA MLS Features
BOSS Website Manager™ Closing Manager™ Email Marketer™
YBAA MLS Features YBAA MLS Features YBAA MLS Features
Social Media Manager™ Facebook MLS Integration Insight Analytics


YBAA MLS Pricing


$195/per month Membership

Includes:  Optional Add-ons: 
  • Add, Edit & Manage Listings
  • Unlimited Listings
  • Unlimited Listing Brochures
  • One-Way Synchronization
  • AIM Marine Lead Package

    ★ Additional Users: $27.50
    ★ Additional Offices: $55
    ★ API Feeds: $45 (Members Listings Only)
    ★ Unlimited Listings House Account 2019 Promotion: $55
    ★ Closing Manager: $75/lic + $15 per additional user

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