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ORWAC 2017 Awards

Please join us in celebrating the 2017 award winners!
feminist scholar award 2017
ORWAC Feminist Scholar of the Year
Negotiating Contextually Contingent Agency: Situated Feminist Peacebuilding Strategies in Kenya
Mary Jane Collier, Brandi Lawless, & Karambu Ringera
top paper award 2017
ORWAC Top Paper
Memetic Celebration and “The Notorious R.B.G.”: Reimagining Feminist Dissent and Mobilizing Feminist Practice
Katie L. Gibson, Colorado State University
top student paper award 2017
ORWAC Top Student Paper
‘I’m Here to Treat [Patients], More Than to Build Relationships, Really’: Breaking the Constraints of Hegemonic Masculinity to Allow for Decolonial Relations in International Aid
Jenna N. Hanchey, The University of Texas at Austin

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