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Claire Sisco-King

A Message From WSIC Editor, Claire Sisco King
Hearty thanks to WSIC reviewers, Editorial Board members, Book and Media Review Editor Marina Levina, and Conversation and Commentary Editor Sarah J. Jackson for their labor in support of WSIC volume 43, and congratulations to the authors who produced groundbreaking intersectional feminist scholarship on a range of subjects including sexual violence, anti-Black racism, reproductive health, and fatphobia. Special thanks to Guest Editors Matthew Houdek and Kendall R. Phillips for a special issue (vol. 43, no. 4) on race, gender, and temporalities. Congratulations to WSIC author Shinsuke Eguchi for winning the 2020 Outstanding Article Award from NCA’s Asian/Pacific American Communication Studies Division Award for "Sticky Rice Politics: Impossible Possibilities of Queerness In and Across Yellow Fever" (vol. 43, no. 1). Stay tuned for an array of important scholarship in 2021 including articles on safe-sex messaging, Indigenous survivance, carceral practices, and political rhetoric, as well as C&C essays about the challenges of coalition building and allyship.

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