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Response to Violence Within Palestine


Within our organization, ORWAC values feminism and feminist standpoints across borders, nations, oceans, and peoples. Watching the violence unfolding in the Gaza Strip and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem pains us to see how settler-colonial violence persists not only on the land that we occupy but additionally on land that we are separated from. In 2017, Nada Elia penned an article declaring Palestine as a feminist issue. She highlights the need to move past liberal, Global North feminisms to encompass, listen to, and embrace the voices of colonized people across the globe and to ignore the exceptional status that Palestine remains to be in contemporary feminist conversations. In embracing intersectionality as a praxis of bringing feminists and feminism together across peoples and borders, ORWAC stands alongside the Palestinian people who are enduring settler-colonial violence and attacks. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people as they grieve and resist. Below we provide some ways in which you can learn more about Palestine and participate in material action in solidarity with them. 


Mutual Aid Funds: https://linktr.ee/SolidarityWithPalestine?utm_source=qr_code 


Palestine is a Feminist Issue: https://jps.library.utoronto.ca/index.php/des/article/download/28902/21549/


Decolonizing Palestine: https://decolonizepalestine.com/introduction-to-palestine/?fbclid=IwAR3XPJUaan6fbgzE19h0W-AbEv3aiSgTPkM7_rEMtMn1iBG_4gyFp25LXOk


Educational Resources about Sheikh Jarrah and Palestine: https://palestinianyouthmovement.com/sheikh-jarrah



Palestinian Feminist Toolkit created by the Palestinian Feminist Collective: https://bit.ly/3fHBba8 


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