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DO Graduates Have High GME Match Rate with Majority Choosing Primary Care

OU-HCOM Researchers Receive NIH Grants

The first three-year, $450,500 grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases will allow Bonita Biegalke, Ph.D., to study human cytomegalovirus (HCMV). he second $445,500 study is funded through the National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research and will allow Susan Williams, Ph.D., professor of anatomy, and her team to more closely examine the effects of nerve damage that sometimes occurs during routine dental procedures.

New Suicide App Coming for Primary Care Providers

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is preparing to release a free mobile app—optimized for tablets—called Suicide Safe, a suicide prevention learning tool for behavioral health and primary care providers

AOA, ACGME Build Single Accreditation System

Four DO representatives have been appointed to the ACGME Board, and two Ohio DOs were among a group of 13 osteopathic physicians approved for the ACGME's Osteopathic Principles Committee (OPC). The comment period for new osteopathic standards ended, December 29.

Health Policy Institute Releases Population Health Brief

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO) released its latest publication, What is Population Health?. OOA Executive Director Jon F. Wills represented the osteopathic profession on the work group.

ODH, Medical and Pharmacy Boards Get New Executives

Governor Kasich has announced the appointment of new executive directors at the State Medical and Pharmacy Boards, and the new chief medical officer of the Ohio Department of Health

Legislature Adjourns; New Laws Signed by Governor

The 130th Ohio General Assembly concluded its work in mid-December, combining and passing numerous Senate and House health-related bills and sending them to the Governor for his signature.

Two DOs Named to Concussion Education Committee

The Ohio Department of Health has appointed Jason P. Dapore, DO, of Columbus, and Andrew N. Russman, DO, of Cleveland, to the Concussion Study Committee, which is charged with developing educational standards for health professionals serving as team physicians.

Health Department Issues Ebola Update

On October 15, 2014, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notified the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) that the second health care worker in Dallas diagnosed with Ebola visited family in the Akron area from October 8-13.

Ohio DOs Urge Patients to Complete Advance Directives

If you were ever to become terminally ill or unconscious, and were unable to communicate, who would speak for you? Having thoughtful discussions about your wishes and completing your advance directive will ensure you get the end of life care you want.

Medical Board Posts Opioid Consent Form for Minors

The informed consent form must be used when prescribing opioids to minors and can be downloaded at the Medical Board of Ohio web site:

Law Requiring Notice for Lyme Disease Tests Is Repealed

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This requirement has now been REPEALED. A coalition of physician organizations requested repeal prior to the Lame Duck session of the Ohio General Assembly in December, 2014. Language removing the language from the Ohio Revised Code was included in SB 276, and the bill has now been signed by Governor Kasich. The original language was slipped into the Governor's Mid-Biennium Budget Review bill and went into effect September 15th.

September is Fall Prevention Month

For a toolkit and other resources, go to

ODH Posts Concussion Education Tools Online

The web site contains valuable resources for players, parents, coaches, referees, and physicians. In addition to materials specifically required HB 143, the site also contains a list of frequently asked questions, fact sheets for coaches and parents, and CDC diagnosis and management educational articles for physicians. Click here to visit the web site: .

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