100 Men is a great concept!  Members leverage their $100 gifts to provide a worthy, local charity with over $14,000 each quarter.  Since our membership has swelled to over 147 men, the first three donations have been approximately $14,000.  Charities receiving our donations report back at the next quarterly meeting to tell us what was accomplished with the money. 

Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution (S.O.A.P.)

Awarded $8,000 May 1st 2019 (will rise about $6,500 more as all checks are collected)


The SOAP Project is a non-profit organization focused on educating and increasing awareness on the prevalence of human trafficking, to restore trafficked survivors and to prevent teens from being victimized. The initiative, founded by survivor Theresa Flores, assists trafficked survivors in their recovery and healing with retreats, emergency and mental health services and basic needs. SOAP distributes information and labeled bars of soap offering help for trafficked victims at hotels during major sporting events, conventions and shows in our city. Human trafficking is the #1 threat to our youth in the US, and Ohio is ranked fifth in the country with human trafficking instances. Columbus and suburbs are not immune from this problem.; it is happening here! SOAP needs your support to continue our fight against this epidemic.

How Contributions Would Be Used

The money will be used to buy labeled bars of soap with the help hotline phone # to be distributed by local volunteers in hotels close to upcoming events; to educate hotel staff with printed materials encouraging them to identify suspicious behavior and suspected victims. Funds are also needed to support our survivor retreats which are essential in their recovery, and community outreach and volunteer programs.

Joseph's Coat Of Central Ohio

Awarded $12,500 January 2019 (will rise about $2,500 more as all checks are collected)


Joseph's Coat's mission is to answer God's call to love and serve our neighbor by providing clothing, furniture and household goods for those who need them. We are a volunteer organization with a community continuously donating items, but we have not been able to keep up with the need. The number of new clients has grown tremendously. On Saturdays we now see 80 to 110 families between 9am and noon. We hope 100 Men will provide us with funding to help these needy families.

How Contributions Would Be Used

The money will be used to purchase much needed children's clothing, underwear, shoes, and boots, as well as winter coats for children, teens and adults. We continue to need beds, bedding, blankets, comforters and pillows for children and adults.


Awarded approximately $14,000 October 2018


To promote the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual health and well-being of the community; and provide, manage, and oversee nutritional, resource, and educational services to individuals and families in the Worthington area.

How Contributions Are To Be Used

The investment of $10,000 would be used to purchase "basics" that can't be obtained through Mid-Ohio Food Bank (our primary purchasing source): shampoo ($200/month), deodorant and toothpaste ($150/month each), diapers ($20 per child for 50 children per month), and eggs (150 dozen/month), We served 871 children last month alone, so your investment will allow families to meet the basic needs of hygiene, nutrition and baby care. Your donation will allow us to leverage our buying power through volume purchasing and guarantee the availability of these critical items for the 1,500 Worthington area families we serve on an annual basis. Our major donor is changing their giving policies which will result in the loss of one third of our revenue next fiscal year. Your organization's support will ensure that we are able to meet the needs in our community.

A KID AGAIN Central Ohio

Awarded approximately $13,500 July 2018


Our Mission is to foster hope, happiness, and healing for families raising kids with life-threatening illnesses. Your generosity will truly help 900 enrolled families across Central Ohio receive the priceless gift of watching all of our children just be kids. Medical bills, surgeries, treatments, and countless hospital visits take a toll on our families. Your gifts help erase those experiences even if for the day, and replace fear and worry with smiles and laughter. Being able to offer our families in Central Ohio an outing every month is what we want to do, and with your help we can do just that. HELP EVERY CHILD BE A KID AGAIN!

How Contributions Are To Be Used

In 2018, A Kid Again-Central Ohio will be hosting 14 ADVENTURES for our families that are raising a child with life-threatening illness. Your generosity will go to ensure that every child has that chance to forget about being sick and just be A Kid Again. As an ADVENTURE sponsor, 100 % of your donation goes to programming, carrying out our mission. Your kindness will help send 1,500 family members to Kings Island for the day, allow 1,200 family members to enjoy a true VIP experience at Dreamnight at the Columbus Zoo, and provide much needed holiday gifts to 900 children at our end of the year holiday party. Each of these three ADVENTURES are just an example of what we try to provide every month for our families who are going through the unimaginable with their children. With your generosity:

•YOU can help pay for our families to experience the magic of a theme park.
•YOU can help fund the private experience our families receive at Dreamnight at the Zoo.
•YOU can provide what we need to make sure every child receives that magical gift at Christmas Your generosity will help make all ofthese dreams come true

Star House Columbus

Awarded approximately $13,600 April 2018


Star House provides the under-served & vulnerable population of youth (ages 14-24) experiencing homelessness in Central Ohio by providing respite from the streets and connecting them with resources to climb out of what can turn into a perpetual cycle of homelessness. This population lives among us every day in Central Ohio but goes unrecognized by most. It's estimated that there are over 2,000 youth experiencing homelessness in Central Ohio. Providing services and resources to youth going through traumatic experiences at an early age gives them the best chance to succeed and become the active and contributing members of our community they strive to be. This issue is not limited to certain zip codes or demographics. Star House exists for a variety of reasons; more than 40% have aged out of the foster care system and most have experienced some kind of physical, mental, emotional and/or sexual abuse. Because of this, many youth served at Star House do not trust adults and therefore often mistrust the resources that exist to help those experiencing homelessness and get pushed even further from their goals. All Star House services revolve around building healthy relationships with youth first in order to provide successful linkage to education, housing, basic health, mental stability, career development, and happiness. 

How Contributions Are To Be Used

We plan to use these contributions to continue our mission:

  • Build an improved storage hub for restroom and shower needs. With dozens of youth utilizing the Star House for all of their hygiene needs, this cannot be overlooked. Health and self esteem are tied to hygiene and this will give our guests an easier and better experience.
  • Purchase hanging racks and shelving for our new daily needs room. This will allow us to maintain organization and better use of volunteer hours, streamlining the process of providing youth with their urgent needs.
  • Purchase a phone charging kiosk for youth as most of those we serve relay on their cell phones to be able to access resources they need. A kiosk also provides individual locking compartments that youth can charge their phones inside of without fear of losing their property.
  • Any funds left over from the above projects will be utilized 100% for our youth.

Scholarship Opportunities for Success

Awarded approximately $13,000 January 2018

We had sixteen wonderful charities from which to select,and it narrowed down to three to make presentations at the 1/3/18 meeting:  Scholarship Opportunities for Success (SOS), The PEER Center and Worthington Resource Pantry.  In a close vote, SOS was selected.

SOS will raise award amounts for our best students and/or increase the number of scholarships available.  There are scholarships and financial aid available to these women, but there are gaps that make school impossible.  Most of our recipients are single mothers who are struggling to make ends meet.  Many women have been in abusive relationships, homeless, recovering from addiction and found courage to get help.  

In 2017 we awarded $70,000 to 20 women.  How could they work, go to school, take care of kids, pay for books or a computer, and study?  SOS grants allow students to pursue educational goals by giving them the financial backing they otherwise would not have.  

By supplementing expenses associated with education, such as child care, transportation, school supplies, fees, and computers, grant recipients have the tools needed to continue their schooling.  SOS believes that through education, these women can become more economically self-sufficient and less dependent on public funds.

The Family Mentor Foundation

Awarded approximately $13,000 October 2017

Congratulations to the Family Mentor Foundation.  They were awarded approximately $14,000 tonight from the 100 Men Who Give A Damn at the organizations first general meeting which was held at Worthington Hills Country Club. 


Family Mentor Foundation began in 2013 with a mission to create services and partnerships that help fill in the areas lacking in a child’s life. Today, Family Mentor Foundation seeks to help meet the unmet needs of children in our community through a variety of programs and resources that will help them to reach their full potential.

Money Given To Date