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Exciting opportunities at the upcoming AFOS SECO 2020 Meeting in Atlanta!

Registration Necessary!


We are excited to announce outstanding educational opportunities for you on Monday, March 2nd at the upcoming AFOS SECO 2020 meeting in Atlanta and a fantastic anniversary celebration on
Tuesday, March 3rd.

** Each event has limited seating so read below and RSVP today!

Bausch and Lomb Zenlens
Hands-On Workshop  

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Over the last few years scleral gas permeable contact lenses have emerged as one of the best tools for fitting difficult cases. From keratoconus to trauma, and even for more straightforward cases, sclerals are having a profound impact on specialty fitting. Zenlens scleral lens fully vaults the cornea and allows you to fit a wide variety of corneal shapes and sizes using a single fitting set and fitting philosophy.

Experience a hands-on workshop where you will learn much about contemporary scleral lens fitting and the innovative aspects of Zenlens that make it a valuable design.

The Zenlens workshop will provide
  • Scleral Lens Application and Removal Guidance                         
  • Scleral Lens fitting training including:
    • Evaluation
    • Trouble-shooting
    • Customization options
    • Toric pc selection
    • Microvault
    • Multifocal

Monday, March 2nd from 2:30-5pm
Limited attendance; please RSVP Here

Katena Hands-On Workshop  

Amniotic Membrane Therapy has resulted in amazing patient outcomes, promoting improved and faster healing. In this course, we will explore the benefits of Amniotic Membrane Therapy, as well as show you proper application techniques, troubleshooting, choosing appropriate candidates, post-protocol and proper billing procedures.

Monday, March 2nd from 5-7pm

Limited attendance; please RSVP Here





AFOS Members are cordially invited to attend the formal AFOS 50th Anniversary celebration reception.

Reception to be held after CE courses on Tuesday, March 3rd.
Registration fee included in AFOS meeting package but RSVP necessary. Guests are invited to attend and can register through AFOS website for a fee.
Tuesday, March 3rd ~ 7:30-9:30pm

Dress: Mess dress or Black Tie civilian equivalent



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