Referral Program

Pay it Forward Campaign:

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Helping AFT grow should generate a high degree of satisfaction for you. In turn, this can help enormously in supporting you through effective networking while you continue the path towards reaching your professional goals.

  • You can provide the support, guidance, and mentoring that is absolutely essential to a new member that you know and invite to be successful with AFT.  With this kind of support, many or most of them are likely to become active and productive members like yourself.

  • Maintaining a consistent pay-it-forward mindset will help you to stay committed to the AFT mission of building up all our businesses and personal relationships.  Anything that helps you in this regard is pure gold − especially in this day and age of business building.

  • By consistently modeling the pay-it-forward philosophy in relating to your business relationships, you will demonstrate to your prospective members in the most powerful way possible the value of AFT and why you are involved. Absolutely nothing else you can involve them in will pay bigger dividends than this, as they pay it forward to the people they sponsor in the future once they are members.

  • As you strongly internalize the pay-it-forward attitude with its intrinsic emphasis on giving over getting, others are likely to sense that you're someone who sincerely wants to help them. The more you project this attitude − the more you will help create a climate of value of sharing via networking. And obviously, this will help you to build strong relationships with everyone you work with.