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2023 Summer Events AZSA-Style!

by Amy Amideo, Executive Director, AZSA


Azsa 2023 Summer Events Photo Collage

Spring Networking Breakfast offers a deeper view of new tech used in self-storage development and construction.

Tempe, AZ - April 26, 2023

The Spring Networking Breakfast, hosted by AZSA Vendor Members Barbie Koskovich of Aspen Technologies and Garret Rzepecki of City Communications, proved to be an engaging and informative event for the self-storage industry. Held at the Aspen Technologies headquarters at 570 W Southern Ave, Tempe, the event drew in 31 owner/operators and vendors eager to dive into the latest developments in the field.

Barbie Koskovich took the stage, wielding a laptop and a sizable 50-inch screen, captivating the audience for about 20 minutes as she showcased some of the most impressive self-storage properties associated with Aspen Technologies. This visual presentation offered attendees a firsthand look at the cutting-edge work being done in the industry.

Following Koskovich's insightful presentation, Ray McRae, the President of Storage Solutions and AZSA's legal and legislative chair, delivered a succinct and illuminating update on AZSA's ongoing legal and legislative endeavors. McRae's invaluable insights offered a comprehensive understanding of the towing and liability cap initiatives that AZSA is actively championing in collaboration with our partners, TriAdvocates and the National Self-Storage Association (SSA).

Tech and legal matters took center stage as the primary discussion points, indicating the industry's keen interest in staying abreast of the latest technological advancements and legal considerations.

Summer Networking Breakfast Promises a Glimpse into Local Commercial Real Estate

Phoenix, AZ - June 6, 2023

Paul Boyle of Cushman & Wakefield took the reins as the host for the eagerly anticipated Summer Networking Breakfast. Held at the Biltmore Business Center on June 6, 2023, the event promised attendees valuable insights into the local commercial real estate industry, with a specific focus on self-storage facilities.

Boyle shared his wealth of expertise, offering a unique perspective on the industry's current landscape by highlighting key self-storage projects he's been involved in. The event boasted an attendance of 30 industry professionals, including owners, operators, and vendors.

The morning spread, showcasing a diverse selection of freshly baked bagels, delectable breakfast sandwiches, and an array of beverages, set the stage for a dynamic networking session filled with vibrant conversations. Ray McRae,  President of Storage Solutions and AZSA’s legal/legislative chair, delivered an insightful and thorough AZSA legal update. This update covered crucial aspects such as the towing/capacity liability initiative, culminating in the exciting announcement of Jeff Greenberger joining AZSA as the new legal consultant, further enhancing the association's legal expertise.

Flagstaff Town Hall Addresses Best Practices in a Softening Market

Flagstaff, AZ - September 13, 2023

The Flagstaff Doubletree played host to the Flagstaff Town Hall on September 13, 2023, providing a new platform for industry leaders to engage in an insightful discussion on best practices in softening market. Carol Mixon, President of SkilCheck and AZSA’s Education Chair, expertly moderated the panel.

Panelists Alonna Ross, Business Development manager of, Ray McRae, President of Storage Solutions and VP of AZSA, and Kenny Pratt, CEO/Principal of Crescendo Self Storage Management, delivered invaluable insights on navigating the challenges presented by a softening market. Attendees were treated to an enriching networking session following the panel discussion.

A delectable dinner buffet featuring chicken and steak fajitas, accompanied by an array of fixings, provided a fitting conclusion to an evening of fruitful conversation and shared expertise.

Innovative Solutions Take Center Stage at Fall Networking Breakfast

Phoenix, AZ - September 19, 2023

Lee Starrett of Walltek Systems and AZSA Board member welcomed industry professionals to the Fall Networking Breakfast on September 19, 2023. Held at their offices at the Biltmore Fashion Park, the event featured a sumptuous spread of bagels, Danishes, and fresh fruit.

Starrett took the stage, showcasing Walltek’s groundbreaking building solutions through a high-tech computer demonstration of a project. The audience was given the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session, gaining deeper insights into the innovative techniques shaping the industry.

Amy Amideo, AZSA Executive Director, provided crucial updates on AZSA's legal and legislative initiatives, offering attendees a preliminary view of the towing legislative/lobbying current trajectory and AZSA’s upcoming events.

These events underscore AZSA's commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and legislation, ensuring a vibrant and forward-thinking future. Industry professionals and enthusiasts alike can look forward to more enriching gatherings in the coming months.

Please continue to check our website for more information on upcoming events.



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