Guides AZSA’s print communications efforts, including websites, newsletters, and other publications.
Chair: Amy Amideo

Conference & Trade Show:
Plans theme, sessions and overall direction, goals and execution for AZSA’s annual conference, trade show, and golf tournament.
Chair: Poppy Behrens & David Brown

Orchestrates AZSA's educational program, including annual regional workshop series and webinars, to inform membership of changes in the law, business environment and other issues affecting our industry.
Chair: Carol Mixon 

Develops and advances an ethics statement in support of AZSA’s mission to strengthen the Arizona self-storage industry and promote professional standards.

Prepares and oversees AZSA’s board meetings and development of agendas.
Chair: Diane Gibson

Legal & Legislative:
Reviews legislative issues, promotes compliance with existing laws, promotes new legislation, opposes passage of adverse legislation, oversees forms development.
Chair: Richard Marmor

Works to increase and maintain membership. Reviews, recommends and assists in the execution of an array of benefits that serves the self-storage community.
Chair: Chris Rudel

Public Relations:
Oversees the development and implementation of a statewide public relations campaign in support of AZSA’s mission.
Chair: Belinda Rosthenhausler

Oversees electronic communication, including websites, online initiatives, online communications, social media and eCommerce.
Chair: James Appleton