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2020 Pre-conference ... Advanced Qualitative Methods Workshop

Advanced Qualitative Methods Workshop

Join us for the 2020 Pre-conference featuring Advanced Qualitative Analysis and Coding offered by Jimmie Manning. In this workshop, participants will review and practice multiple approaches to interpretive analysis of qualitative data that are well-suited for communication research. In addition to an overview of each analytical approach, participants will practice using data. The workshop will also feature two research presentations from scholars who are using innovative approaches in their own work; and, in the final segment, participants will dig into their own projects as they work to consider what analytical tools might be beneficial.

Participants for this seminar should have at least completed one course in qualitative research methods and should be actively working on a project using qualitative data.

Jimmie Manning
University of Nevada, Reno

Kathy Denker
Ball State University 

Karina Willes 

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