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01-100 Pre Formed Pipe Insualtion - Single Layer Construction
01-101 Pre Formed Pipe Insulation - Multiple Layer Construction
01-200 Flexible Foam Pipe Insulation
01-400 Field-Applied Metal Jacketing
01-410 Field-Applied Metal Jacket—Vertical
01-500 Field- and Factory-Applied Non-Metal Jacketing
01-510 Non-Metallic Sealed Jacketing Systems-PVC, ABS, Flexible Membranes, Etc.
01-600 Standard and Split Ring Hangers
01-605 Teardrop Hanger
01-610 Clevis Hanger – High Density Inserts
01-620 Pipe Shoe on Roller Support
01-630 Insulation Support Rings- Expansion–Contraction Joints
01-640 Pre-Insulated Pipe Support, Standoff Clamp
01-641 Vertical Trapeze Pipe Supports
01-660 Vapor Stop (Dam) –Pipe
01-801 Refrigeration and Low Temperature- Single and Multiple Layer Construction
01-811 Refrigeration and Low Temperature-Expansion Contraction Joints
01-900 Traced Piping
02-100 Pre-Formed Elbow Insulation
02-110 Mitered Insulation Elbow
02-115 Mechanical Fitting- Insulation 90’s and 45’s
02-116 Mechanical Fitting Field Fabricated
02-120 Pre-formed or Fabricated Tee Insulation
02-125 Mechanical Fitting- Insulation Tee
02-130 Field- or Factory-Fabricated Valve Insulation
02-131 Ball Valves
02-132 Circuit Setters
02-135 In-line Flange Insulation Built-up and Beveled
02-200 Flexible Foam Fittings- 90s and 45s
02-215 Mechanical Fittings- Flexible Foam 90’s and 45’s
02-220 Flexible Foam Fittings- T's
02-225 Mechanical Fittings- Flexible Foam Fitting T's
02-400 Pre-formed Metal Elbow
02-410 Vertical Gored Elbow
02-411 Horizontal Gored Elbow
02-415 Metal Mechanical Fitting Cover- 90's and 45's
02-425 Metal Mechanical Fitting Cover- Tee
02-440 Metal End Cap Over Insulation
02-500 PVC- Insert Elbow Insulation System
02-501 PVC- Insert Elbow Insulation System
02-510 PVC- Membrane Gored Elbow
02-515 PVC Mechanical Fitting Cover- 90’s and 45’s
02-520 Field-Fabricated T Insulation
02-525 PVC Mechanical Fitting Cover- Tee
02-530 PVC- Insert Valve Insulation
02-535 PVC-Insert Mechanical Coupling or In-line Flange Insulation System
02-536 Non-Metallic Jackets-Fitting & Valve Insulation- Sealed Jacketing Systems
02-540 PVC End Cap Over Insulation
02-660 Vapor Stop (Dam) – Fittings
02-800 Pre-formed and Foamed-in-Place Low Tempurature Fittings
03-100 Flexible Fibrous Blanket Duct Insulation
03-120 Rigid Board, Wrap-around, and Pre-formed Duct Inuslation (Exposed)
03-130 High Temp. Block and Board Insulation Breechings and Flues
03-140 Blocks and Pre-formed Pipe Insulation Round Breeching and Exhaust Ducts
03-200 Flexible Foam Duct Insulation
03-510 Rigid Board with Multi-ply Membrane Finish
03-600 Trapeze or Angle Iron Duct Supports
03-640 Ducts with Heavy Density Insulation Supports
03-650 Water Flashing Rectangular Ductwork
03-800 Exhaust and Kitchen Exhaust Ducts High Tempurature Blanket
03-810 Ventilation and Life Safety Ducts High Tempurature Blanket
03-820 Plenums Containing Combustible Items- High Tempurature Blanket
03-900 Field-Applied Lining- Low and Medium Velocity Systems
04-100 Large Diameter Vertical Vessels- Block and Blanket Insulation
04-105 Large Diameter Vertical Tanks- Standing Seam Insulation
04-110 Curved Surfaces-Rigid Board Insulation
04-120 Small Diameter Vessels & Exhaust Pipe Insulation
04-130 Pipe and Tube Exchangers – Encased
04-140 Large Diameter Horizontal Vessels – Insulation- Support and Securment
04-145 Gored Jacket Over Insulation
04-200 Flexible Foam Sheets
04-210 Flexible Foam for Low Temperature Equipment
04-300 Rigid Wrap-around Insulation
04-600 Nozzles and Insulated Manways
04-610 Vessel Bottom Head, Leg, Skirt Insulation and Securement
04-620 Head Insulation, Securement and Cover Fabrication
04-660 Vapor Stop (Dam) – Equipment
04-800 High Temperature Vessels Block Insulation
04-811 Low Temperature Vessels Block Insulation
05-400 Boiler Walls
05-410 Industrial Breechings
05-600 Industrial Breechings- H-Bar System
05-610 Industrial Breechings- Road Mesh System
06-500 Field-Applied Sound Barriers- Piping and Ductwork
06-510 Field-Applied Sound Barriers- Duct or Enclosures
06-520 Ventilated Sound Enclosure
07-900 Box Trench System
07-910 Direct Burial
07-920 Pour-In-Place
08-210 Flexible Foam Removable Covers
08-300 Flexible Insulation Blankets
08-310 Formed and Shaped Insulation Covers
08-400 Removable Insulated Metal Equipment Covers
09-900 Piping Penetrations
09-910 Duct Penetrations
10-940 Vessel Stiffening Ring Cover – Metal
11-101 Double-Layer Pipe
11-102 Multi-Layer Pipe
11-611 Hanger – Double Layer High Density Insert
11-612 Hanger – Multiple Layer High Density Insert
11-661 Vapor Stop (Dam) – Double Layer Pipe
11-662 Vapor Stop (Dam) – Multiple Layer Pipe
11-811 Double Layer Contraction Joints
11-812 Multiple Layer Contraction Joints
11-916 Horizontal Termination
11-917 Vertical Termination
12-101 Double Layer Elbow
12-102 Multi-Layer Elbow
12-121 Double Layer Tee
12-122 Multi-Layer Tee
12-132 Multi-Layer Valve
12-133 Box Valve
12-134 Cryogenic Valve Stem
12-135 Inline Flange
12-136 Piping Nozzles
14-101 Double Layer Vessel Insulation
14-102 Multi-Layer Vessel Insulation
14-111 Double Layer Equipment Cover
14-112 Multiple Layer Equipment Cover
14-610 Anchor Chair
14-811 Double Layer Vessel Insulation – Contraction Joint
14-812 Multi-Layer Vessel Insulation – Contraction Joint
14-912 Standoff and Support Insulation Detail
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