2017 - Hocking Hills Poker Run

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 (Couples registration = two riders on one bike, one poker hand, and two meals. Additional poker hands may be added below.)
Additional Poker Hand $5.00
Pre-Order T-Shirt $12.00 (Will be $15.00 on site)
XX-Large (Add $2.00)
XXX-Large (Add $3.00)
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Will you be a day tripper or spending the weekend?
How many miles will you travel to reach the Hocking Hills?
In consideration for the entry being accepted, and of being allowed to participate in the Hocking Hills Poker Run, I, hereby, and for my minor child, heirs, executors and administrators, waive, release and forever discharge, and save harmless from any and all claims for damages, injury and causes of action which may occur, including consequential damages, I may have against the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Hocking Hills State Park, Friends of the Hocking Hills State Park, sponsors, vendors, their representatives, successors and all other organizes and assigns for any and all injuries and damages suffered by me or my rider whether caused by the negligence of the Ohio Department of Natural Resource, the Hocking Hills State park or otherwise. I certify that all participants under this entry are in the appropriate physical condition to participant in this event. I also give permission for the free use of my name and/or pictures in any broadcast, telecast or other account of this event. By confirming acceptance below I agree to assume all risks and abide by the rules and decisions of the event committee and organizers.
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