Construction underway on

The John Glenn Astronomy Park


This is exciting news. Construction should be completed later this year. However, we are still in need of $400,000.00 of the $1.6 million needed to construct this facility. As we've been saying, this facility will be a huge addition to the Hocking Hills State Park when it's completed. And, it's being done without the use of state funds. Nor, will there be any fees charged to those who will use this facility.

Therefore, we are still accepting donations to help us complete construction.  

You can do this by clicking here (a new window/tab will open.) Which will take you to the John Glenn Astronomy Park Fund page on the Foundation For Appalachian Ohio website. Once there you can read about the Fund, and learn how to make a donation online or through the mail. 

You may also make an online donation to the John Glenn Astronomy Park project through this website, simply by clicking here. Under I would like to make a contribution to: choose Astronomy Education Center, then choose the amount you would like to donate from the drop-down list, or enter your own amount in the Other Amount box. 

And, please come back often to our website for updates on construction and fundraising needs. Thank you.

More information on this project can be found by clicking on the Astronomy Park tab at the top of this page. 


The illustrations below were created by m+a architects, in Columbus, Ohio. 

Learn more about them at


 Observatory Illustration Aerial StudyObservatory Illustration Perspective Study











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