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Elderly Woman Allegedly Robs New Orleans Bank: ‘Your Bank is Being Robbed’

Breit Bart

An elderly woman with a walker approached the teller at a Chase Bank branch in New Orleans, Louisiana, apparently with one goal in mind: She was going to rob the bank. 

A little past 9:00 a.m. on Friday, Cathy Lynn Hamilton, 63, allegedly passed a note to the teller which read ‘Your bank is being robbed; put money in bag or people are going to get hurt,’ as first reported by NOLA.

The teller gave Hamilton $500. A picture from the security camera shows Hamilton grabbing both handles to her four-wheeled walker as she makes her exit. When Hamilton exited, the security guard with the bank brought the baby boomer back inside. She was taken into custody by the New Orleans Police Department and FBI.

This is not Hamilton’s first attempted robbery, for back in 2014, Hamilton was arrested after attempting to rob a Whitney National Bank branch — just a ten-minute drive from Hamilton’s most recent alleged heist. 


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