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How Banks and Merchants Make Payments Easy While Keeping Them Safe


Today’s new digital operating environment is ripe with opportunities for payment innovations.

It is also rife with pitfalls due to the incumbent operators and the emergent innovators increasingly finding themselves facing a uniquely 21st-century quandary.

Either they can make transactions as easy and seamless as possible with minimal hurdles, exposing themselves and their users to a greater chance of fraud; or they can batten down the hatches and run the risk that their users will get so frustrated putting up with the lockstep frictions along the transaction journey that they move to a competitor.

But as the payment landscape continues evolving, this delicate balance between prioritizing user convenience while ensuring user protection needs to remain solid, particularly as data-rich environments increasingly capture and leverage more personally identifiable information (PII).

Handling Sensitive Information Requires a Delicate Touch

“We continue to see a hockey stick increase in digital identity information being compromised and used for synthetic identity fraud, account takeover fraud and other types of digital identity abuse,” Erika Dietrich, head of risk services for ACI Worldwide, told PYMNTS in May.


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