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Why Regulating AI Is Like Regulating Air or Water, Says UPenn Professor


Those nations shepherding to market modern technical innovations have so far prioritized innovation over regulation.

None more so than the United States, particularly as it relates to the advent of generative artificial intelligence (AI), which proponents believe is due to usher humanity into a new era of information-driven productivity and efficiency.

“Trying to regulate AI is a little bit like trying to regulate air or water,” Professor Cary Coglianese, the Edward B. Shils Professor of Law and professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and founding director of the Penn Program on Regulation, told PYMNTS as part of the “TechReg Talks” series presented by AI-ID.

Fortunately, air and water are already regulated in most major market economies. But just as air and water have distinct characteristics that require tailored approaches for effective oversight, so does AI.


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