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Scammers targeting older Black women who were in sororities, police say

The Washington Post

An older woman was sitting in her van at a Home Depot parking lot when a man and a woman approached, according to court records. They told her they found a pocketbook full of cash and would split it with her — but first they needed to verify that the money was “legit.” That encounter, Prince George’s County police say, was the start of a “pigeon drop” scam that eventually ended in the arrest of a Maryland man who is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from older Black women.

Keith Twiggs, 59, was arrested and charged this week in at least two scams in Prince George’s, but authorities say there have been at least eight such incidents reported in the county this year involving victims who have lost anywhere between $8,000 to $60,000 each. Pigeon scams often involve two people telling a victim they found a large amount of unclaimed money or funds. The scammers then convince the victim that every one involved should contribute cash as an act of “good faith” to secure a share of the “found” money.


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