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Airlines on Payments Autopilot: How Automation Streamlines the Travel Refund Process


Air travel is complex.

And that complexity trickles down to nearly every customer and airline touchpoint — particularly airline refunds, a process that has become a pressing issue for travelers and airlines.

“Not only do you have a whole range of fare rules and ticket types, but you have various refund policies, including non-refundable or partial refund policies that you have to manage, you have a lot of government legislation, and on top of it all, you have a very complex payment ecosystem, meaning a lot of forms of payment, not just cards, but also things like Apple Pay and so on,” explained Kristian Gjerding, CEO of payment orchestration platform Cellpoint Digital.

This tangled landscape continually creates problems for airlines and often frustrates customers.

While there is no silver bullet to optimize payment refund operations, Gjerding explained that the best transformation airlines can make right now is to “automate as much as possible.”

“If you end up with a lot of manual processing, you are going to also end up with very unhappy customers and will see a loss of income and a loss of revenue,” Gjerding said.


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