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Scammers impersonate bank employees to steal nearly $2M from Pennsylvania customers, officials say


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A theft ring stole nearly $2 million from bank customers in central Pennsylvania in an elaborate scheme in which the scammers, posing as bank employees, tricked people into giving up their account information, the attorney general's office said Friday.

The suspects disguised their phone numbers to make it seem as if the calls were coming from the banks’ phone numbers, and asked victims to provide their online banking login, debit card number and other information. Victims then got locked out of their accounts.

Banks and hundreds of bank customers in Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster and York counties were targeted.

The scam netted at least $1.8 million, with at least $1.3 million stolen from customers of Enola-based Members 1st Federal Credit Union, according to court documents. “The loss amount and number of identified victims is expected to increase as records from additional financial institutions are secured,” investigators wrote.


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