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enton County Sheriff: Sauk Rapids Resident Target Of Attempted Scam

KNSI Radio

(KNSI) – The Benton County Sheriff’s Office warned on Facebook Friday about an attempted scam in the area recently.

Attached to the post was a photo of a fake cashier’s check that was mailed to a Sauk Rapids resident in the amount of $2,300. The check was dated September 27th and sent via FedEx Express.

While the sheriff’s office did not say what the check was attempting to purchase, they note the names on the envelope matched individuals listed on the website Scampulse. Another photo showed a post online detailing a separate incident where the two had sent a $36,000 cashier’s check to purchase a $25,000 used vehicle.

When asked why they had sent an extra $11,000, the two said it was to pay for a car hauler to ship them the vehicle. They followed that request by asking that the money be returned through online vendor Zelle.


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