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FinTechs Prioritize Convenience, but Customers Want Faster Payments and More Choice


Today’s economy relies heavily on digitally oriented consumers, which makes moving money swiftly a crucial demand for financial service providers, particularly emerging FinTech issuers aiming to attract customers away from traditional banks.

However, the “Issuers Report 2023: FinTechs’ Instant Payment Mismatch,” a PYMNTS and Ingo Money collaboration, suggests there is a mismatch between what FinTech issuers believe customers value and what customers actually prioritize when using a FinTech account.

PYMNTS Intelligence drew on surveys of nearly 2,300 consumers and 150 FinTech issuers to provide a snapshot of the current state of services that FinTechs offer consumers in the United States, including the services issuers offer and their customers’ satisfaction with the money mobility capabilities they provide.


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