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Don’t Mail a Check or Other Financial Docs on This Day of the Week

Yahoo Finance

Many people send important financial documents — such as checks, money orders and tax returns — in the mail. While this method might not be as fast as, say, emailing them, it may be more secure. This is because personal information sent via email is more vulnerable to hackers than physical ones. Emailing documents also might leave you more susceptible to identity theft or fraud.

But even mailing out documents isn’t a foolproof method of getting them where they need to be. After all, your documents and the information in them still could get lost or stolen. There also could be delays when sending them, particularly if you choose a busy time of the day or week.

The next time you decide to mail a check or other important financial documents, think twice before sending them on certain days of the week. More than that, make sure you’re using the most secure method possible to protect your information and prevent any issues from occurring.


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