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Credit card skimming on the rise for the holiday shopping season

Malwarebytes Labs

As we head into shopping season, customers aren’t the only ones getting excited. More online shopping means more opportunities for cybercriminals to grab their share using scams and data theft.

One particular threat we’re following closely and expect to increase over the next several weeks is credit card skimming. Online stores are not always as secure as you might think they are, and yet you need to hand over your valuable credit card information in order to buy anything.

When a merchant website is hacked, any purchase made has the potential of being intercepted by bad actors. Often, the malicious code is right underneath the surface and yet completely invisible to shoppers.

One particular skimming campaign we have been following picked up the pace drastically in October after a lull during the summer. With hundreds of stores compromised, you may come across it if you shop online on a regular basis.


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