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Order and share FREE fotonovelas to help your community avoid scams


Talking about scams is one of the best ways to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community against scammers. You don’t have to be an expert, especially with tools to help get the conversation started.

The FTC’s graphic novels tell the stories of people who deal with fake job offers, telemarketing scams, bogus debt collectors, and other common scams. And they offer practical advice on spotting and avoiding them. Order free copies of the Spanish-language fotonovelas and bookmarks to distribute in your community. You’ll also find the fotonovelas online in English or Spanish at

Maybe someone you know identifies with Maria and Rafael, who learn the signs of a debt relief scam and where to find legitimate help to improve their credit. Or someone in your life is saving for a downpayment to buy a car — and it might help them to learn how to avoid problems by reading Manuel Avoids Car-Buying Trouble.

You might share fotonovelas at family gatherings and encourage guests to take a few extras for people they know. If you’re a Spanish teacher, you might order and share the fotonovelas in class and ask students what they’d do in the different scenarios. Or quiz them about things scammers say or do.


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