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Alabama Man Charged: Grandparents’ Exploitation and Infant Abuse Allegations Arise

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Alec Dvorak, a 28-year-old resident of Baldwin County, Alabama, is facing a litany of charges, including financial exploitation of the elderly, elderly abuse/neglect, and child abuse. The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office unveiled these charges on January 18, following an investigation that initially revolved around financial offenses.

Abuse and Exploitation of Elders

Dvorak stands accused of misappropriating his grandparents’ personal details to create credit cards and accounts, allegedly pilfering thousands of dollars. The allegations of verbal maltreatment of his grandparents led to arrest warrants being issued on charges of financial exploitation of the elderly and elderly abuse/neglect.


Grave Charges Concerning Child Abuse

On January 9, when deputies moved to arrest Dvorak, they found a 9-month-old infant in his car, in the company of methamphetamine. Upon further examination, the infant was found to have marks consistent with electronic burns from a stun gun, as confirmed by a medical professional and investigators. Dvorak’s girlfriend, upon learning about the investigation, removed the stun gun from Dvorak’s residence and discarded it by the roadside, only for it to be unearthed on January 11.


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