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Elderly Couple Reclaims Life Savings from Check Washing Scam

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An elderly couple in Cicero, Illinois nearly lost their life savings to a check washing scam. After a five-month struggle, their daughter's determination led to the return of their hard-earned money. This incident highlights the growing prevalence of check washing scams and the importance of financial literacy and secure banking practices.

In the quiet town of Cicero, Illinois, an elderly couple's life savings intended for their final goodbyes were nearly stolen by an insidious check washing scam. Dinah and Pedro Zaragoza, both in their late 70s, had written a check for $62 to Nicor Gas. However, when the check reached the bank, it had been altered to $4,200, leaving the couple in shock and despair.

The Zaragozas, who had meticulously saved for their funeral expenses, found themselves in a five-month struggle to reclaim their hard-earned money. Despite continuous efforts and numerous conversations with the bank, they were left feeling powerless and frustrated. It was their daughter, Linda Jaracz, who decided to reach out to CBS 2 for help.

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