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Smart Helmets Flaw Exposed Millions to Risk of Hacking and Surveillance

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According to cybersecurity firm Pen Test Partners, Livall’s smart helmets had an inherent flaw that could lead to the leaking of critical, sensitive user information including location data.

The emergence of smart ski tech like Oakley/Recon goggles and smart ski helmet speakers have made skiing or biking a lot more fun but the dangers posed by internet-connected devices cannot be overlooked.

The latest security and privacy issues with smart helmets and other internet-connected gadgets were highlighted in research conducted by UK-based cybersecurity testing firm Pen Test Partners (PTP).

According to PTP, Livall’s smart helmets have an inherent security vulnerability that can lead to the leaking of critical, sensitive user data. For your information, Livall is famous for smart ski and bike helmets. Its smart helmets allow groups of skiers/bikers to communicate using the built-in speaker and microphone and share their location-related information in a group using any of the two Livall’s smartphone apps. One of the apps is for bike riders and the other for skiers, both collectively boasting around a million users.


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