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Iowa City Hotel Scheme Unraveled: Two Charged in Forged Check Operation

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In a startling revelation, a sophisticated check printing scheme was uncovered at Hotel Chauncey in Iowa City, leading to charges against two individuals. The operation, which came to light in December 2022, saw Marcus Turner, 44, from Coralville, and an unnamed accomplice, facing four counts of forgery each. Their elaborate scheme involved renting a hotel room under false identities and producing counterfeit checks made out to various entities.

Discovery and Evasion

The fraudulent operation was accidentally exposed when Turner inadvertently referred to himself by his real name to hotel staff, prompting an investigation. Attempts to evict Turner and his accomplice were futile as they managed to evade police not once but twice, leaving behind a trail of evidence. Hotel staff discovered around 100 printed checks, a printer, and a computer in the vacated room, with checks made out to the City of Iowa City, Ace Recyclers of Iowa City, and others.


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