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Air Force Consultant Update

Lt Col Chris Pitotti, MD

Updates for the Field:

Air Force EM Docs! Please know that I’m available via email or text and I can set up some time to chat - if it’s career options, assignments, or care delivery - it’s what the job’s supposed to be.  Here are a few hot items: 

Readiness: Every 44E should be maintaining their CMRP checklist which had an update in April. It requires annual updates, so feel free to send feedback. The main gaps I’m seeing are hours and procedures. Get to a CSTARS platform or work at a Level 1 or 2 to get your required annual hours. CSTARS has plenty of space - we’ve plussed up staffing and your unit won’t have to pay - so let readiness know to schedule you and you can take a 2-week TDY to Las Vegas, St Louis, or Baltimore (they all have great staff). I did this in February and logged more procedures personally than I had in years as a residency staff. It seems we’re having difficulty with thoracotomy, lateral canthotomy and a few other high stake/low frequency procedures. Your local SIM centers can purchase equipment or you can attend CME that has these procedures covered: JSSEM in San Antonio (Sept 21,22: contact Maj Suleiman Ismael) has become a great way to get reps and the GSACEP Conference has also held skills stations, but the most effective way would be to hold training sessions/SIMs locally with your flight or TAA or get into the OR for sedations and intubations.  MACHR is a new commander-run program that will grant a 4-day special pass to locums or locally moonlight in a critical access or trauma facility to get your critical care touches and procedures. UTCs may see a dramatic change in the next few years, but for now our main contribution to the force is as CCATT and GST.

Assignments: The new graduate cycle will begin with “wish lists” in December, you’ll get emails with instructions from AFPC and myself to prep you. This year you’ll see a few new locations as we distribute our EM providers to maximize both clinical currency and provide more options to our MAJCOMS. Some of these locations will have a priority as a second tour but go ahead and place these on your wish lists-you never know when an opening can occur. For those itching to PCS, contact me and we’ll come up with a plan that will help you develop. OGME grads- don’t forget you can come back to Emergency Medicine at the end of your first tour. 

Force Generation/Development: We’ve been successful getting numerous fellowships on the HPERB and the MODS applications were due Aug 31. For those that applied, work to get all the remaining items into MODS and don’t hesitate to reach out to me or the PDs for advice. It’s possible the Authorized Unfunded positions will get funded at the board in November. As we move towards AFMED, the need for physician leaders will increase. Please complete your PME at each rank so that you’re not limited in your career progression. In-residence is a possibility. There’s additional training available for Medical Directors and opportunities for command, SGH and Global Health Engagement positions that each come with a training pipeline. Completing residency and MOC doesn’t have to be the end of your training! 

Chris Pitotti MD, Lt Col, USAF

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