History of the Home Builders Association of Dayton

On the 50th Anniversary of the Home Builders Association of Dayton, its members were treated to a look back on the previous decades. To see how the Association has grown and changed through the years, please click the links below:

Past Presidents

The Home Builders Association of Dayton has endured and grown due to the vision and leadership of its Past Presidents. Each of the individuals below give their time, expertise and efforts to the Association for the benefit of all the men and women involved in the home building industry and we cannot thank them enough.

1942 Joseph B. Haverstick*
1943 Paul Brunner*
1944 Stanley Swango*
1945 Joseph B. Haverstick*
1946 Jack Stein*
1947 C.W. Sharp*
1948 Paul E. Lapp*
1949 Stanley Swango, Jr.*
1950 Robert Haverstick*
1951 Melvin E. Kimmey*
1952 William A. Simms, Sr.*
1953 Ralph T. Sharp
1954 Anthony B. Wenzler*
1955 Eugene F. Kreusch*
1956 Orville M. Southard*
1957 Art Rodenbeck*
1958 Robert L. Pine*
1959 George N. Leckrone
1960 Burch E. Horn*
1961 Ralph G. Woodley*
1962 Donald E. Morgan*
1963 Richard W. Fisher*
1964 Robert E. Miller*
1965 P. Richard Brainard*
1966 Carter C. Willsey*
1967 John L. Burneson
1968 Glenn R. Smith*
1969 Charles V. Simms
1970 Donal L. Huber
1971 Harry E. Brown*
1972 Don L. Nelson
1973 Robert W. Booher
1974 David J. Sprout
1975  Robert E. McDaniel*
1976 Adam Cristo
1977 Eugene E. Baumaster
1978 Ned J. Haverstick
1979 John E. Brainard
1980 Karl L. Zengel
1981 Stanley S. Swango III
1982 C.R. Jack Apple*
1983 Gary J. Donese*
1984 Donald J. Strenk
1985 Robert A. Rhoads
1986 J. Michael Dungan
1987 Mark W. Brainard
1988 Steve D. Debord*
1989 Ronald L. Diorio
1990 George R. Oberer, Jr.
1991 Gary Thibo*
1992 James M. Ernst
1993 Joe Balogh
1994 Gregg Taylor
1995 Tom Peebles
1996 Norm Speaks
1997 James Hickey
1998 Michael Hovell
1999 Charles H. Simms
2000  Michael Oberer
2001 Gary Anderson
2002 Steve Rhoads
2003 Jim Zengel
2004 Mike Simms
2005 Edward L. Koepfer
2006 Walt Hibner
2007 Greg Vreeland
2008 Jenny Diorio
2009 Marty Coates
2010 Kim Haverstick
2011 Jeff Grisez
2012 Adam Zengel
2013 David Klass
2014 Larry Phillips
2015 Dan DeVol
2016 Mike Dorsten
2017 John Peebles
2018 Josh Dungan
2019 Dona Niswonger
2020 Robi Simms
2021 Erika Deady


Ohio History Connection – Ohio Modern: Preserving Our Recent Past

The Ohio Modern Dayton Area Survey Report is the culmination of a history-architecture survey conducted in selected neighborhoods and transportation corridors of Dayton and surrounding communities. The survey report includes the research design, summary of the survey methodology, brief outline of historical development of survey areas, a listing of all inventoried properties, bibliography, maps of overall survey areas and specific subdivisions surveyed, an assessment of the significance of the inventoried properties based on National Register of Historic Places criteria and integrity requirements and a list of properties and districts that may qualify for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

Click here to view the Dayton Area Survey Report