IFASC Strategic Plan (2015 – 2017)

The strategic plan serves as a roadmap for our association. It provides direction, priorities and a framework for volunteer leaders and staff. It should guide the standing committees and task forces for advancing the mission and goals on behalf of the members.

Mission Statement

“IFASC’S Mission is to assist Indiana Surgical Centers to excel as a distinct healthcare model for the delivery of safe and affordable surgical care.”

Vision and Values Statements

  • We strive to be attentive to changes in the healthcare environment and to adapt accordingly for the benefit of our members.
  • We value the knowledge of our members based on their years of experience in the industry.
  • Our primary concerns are patient safety and satisfaction and we strive to be responsive to the needs and concerns of patients electing to have their surgical experience in the ambulatory surgery setting.
  • We value and respect the great diversity of ideas held by our members and we encourage open dialogue amongst our members that does not activate (or insight) the anti-trust laws.
  • We share concern about the cost of healthcare and focus on assisting our members to provide the highest quality care at the lowest cost while maintaining the financial viability of their organization.
  • We believe in working environments that combine professionalism, quality patient care, employee satisfaction and enjoyment.
  • We believe in assisting our surgical centers to maintain the provision of quality care through the provision of educational opportunities that give them the information needed to comply with state and federal mandates as well as maintaining their credentials and improving leadership skills.
  • We believe in building a community that promotes open sharing of ideas and knowledge between our organization and other stakeholders in the field of ambulatory surgery.

Three Year Plan

This plan will cover the three year period beginning January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2017.

Goals and Strategies

Goals represent the core competencies and broad areas that will best serve the members’ needs. Strategies are the projects, programs and ideas to achieve the goals.

Four Goals — The Focus of IFASC

  • Government Relations
  • Reimbursement
  • Member Services and Communications
  • IFASC Operational Excellence

I. Government Relations

IFASC will be the united voice of Indiana ambulatory surgical centers in state legislative and regulatory affairs.

  1. Encourage members to communicate with and meet regionally with their state Senate and House members. Board members and the IFASC lobbyists will help coordinate such meetings to ensure that all House and Senate districts are covered each year and that the appropriate consistent messages are communicated related to reimbursement, economic impact of surgical centers, etc. Utilize ASC Association resources as applicable.
  2. Development of geographical areas of the state to which board members can be assigned in an effort to increase member engagement in disaster preparedness efforts, grassroots political response efforts and involvement in the federation in general.
  3. Continue to retain lobbyists in Indianapolis to monitor, represent, lobby and provide reports to protect surgical center members.
  4. Encourage surgical centers to join local Chamber of Commerce government affairs committees to enhance understanding of the value of ASCs to the community and to garner support and influence with federal and state lawmakers.
  5. Maintain the IFASC PAC (Political Action Committee) with adequate marketing, goals and governance.
    1. Appoint the IFASC vice president to chair annual PAC fundraising efforts and oversight.
    2. Maintain at least $10,000 in the PAC; with 15% of the surgical centers (members and nonmembers) contributing by the end of 2015; 20% by the end of 2016; and 25% by the end of 2017. Suggest that each center budget at MINIMUM $500.00 each year as an IFASC PAC contribution.
    3. Utilize the ASC medical directors/physicians/board chairs database to reach the decision-makers in seeking significant PAC funding.
    4. Request increased lobbyist involvement in reporting on the PAC, articles for e-zine, fund-raising, etc.
    5. Include PAC pledge request on dues renewal form.
    6. Develop a method of recognizing ASCs that support the PAC.

II. Reimbursement

IFASC will support and promote efforts of the national ASC Association to gain parity in reimbursement to protect the distinct healthcare model and prosperity of Indiana ambulatory surgical centers. In addition, the IFASC will monitor state legislation for changes in workers’ compensation reimbursement activity.

III. Member Services and Communications

IFASC will provide relevant benefits and services of high value to Indiana ambulatory surgical centers.

  1. Member Satisfaction
    1. Conduct a member needs and satisfaction survey to determine expectations of IFASC in 2015, and periodically thereafter.
    2. Utilize program evaluations to address issues of concern and needs of the membership.
  2. Recruitment and Retention
    1. Growth Goals: 70% by June 2015; 75% by June 2016; 80% by June 2017.
    2. Appoint a Membership Committee charged with planning and implementing member retention & recruitment campaigns every year.
    3. Assign board members by geographic region with responsibility for contacting dropped and prospective members.
  3. Communications
    1. Maintain a database of medical directors, board chairs and doctors to reach and keep informed at the senior levels for appropriate participation and contributions.
    2. Continue with monthly e-zine newsletter.
    3. Maintain IFASC website by updating through use of technology allowing updates by IFASC staff and “member only” access.
    4. Continue Facebook and Twitter accounts for relevant communications.
  4. Continue Spring and Fall Conferences and Tradeshows.

  5. Evaluate the membership need and desire to work with Amerinet to develop an annual Materials Management ½ day or full day workshop.
  6. Collaborate with APIC to sponsor an Infection Control Workshop. Look into the availability of grant money to support this.

IV. Operational Excellence

IFASC will maintain the structure and necessary resources to effectively serve the members.

  1. Review bylaws to condense in length for readability and relevance.
  2. Draft annual budget for board approval.
  3. Create and keep current a policy manual for the board to use.
  4. Develop and keep current a leadership manual and orientation process for new board members.
  5. Create an organizational chart that clarifies roles of committees, staff, executive officers and board members.
  6. Develop new sources of revenue to improve the association’s financial viability. Suggestions: ads in e-zines and on website; Amerinet shareback renegotiations; periodic consideration of dues increase and program registration fee increase.
  7. Maintain working relationship with the national ASC Association through participation on the State Affairs Committee and monitoring the Advocacy Conference calls.
  8. Evaluate and base decisions affecting the membership and the organization on the Strategic Plan focus.
  9. Update the Strategic Plan every three years and as necessary.

Created: 2007
Revised: 6/2014, 11/2014