IFASC Strategic Plan 2020 – 2022


To assist Indiana Surgical Centers to excel as a distinct healthcare model for the delivery of safe and affordable surgical care.


*patient satisfaction

*regulatory compliance


  1. Government Relations and Reimbursement
  2. Member Services and Communication
  3. IFASC Operational Excellence


1. Government Relations and Reimbursement:

  1. Maintain IFASC PAC and Lobbying in Indiana in order to maintain center viability.
    1. Maintaining at least $10,000 in the PAC fund with continued donations
    2.  Continued relations with ISDH in order to keep our members up to date.
    3. Support and promote efforts of the national ASC Association to gain parity in reimbursement to protect the distinct healthcare model and prosperity of Indiana ambulatory surgical centers.  In addition, IFASC will monitor state legislation for any changes in reimbursement activity.
  2. Maintain payer relations via networking, lobbying and education throughout the year.
  3. Facilitate Legislator and ASC facility tours.

2. Member Services and Communication:

  1. A member satisfaction survey will be implemented via JW Weiser in January, 2020 in order to grow our service and meet the needs of our membership ASC’s in Indiana.  We would also like to include a non-member expectation query in order to evaluate their reasoning for not joining the Association. 
  2. Maintain our current membership numbers and grow with 75% of all licensed Ambulatory Surgery Centers being members in 2020 — around 98 centers.
  3. Research our dues structure to evaluate our rate versus return on investment with an increase in 2020 to support all of our member benefit activities.
  4. Maintain our scope of education services via conferences, emails and through our member’s page on our website.

IFASC Operations:

  1. Strengthen and refine our relationship with W.J. Weiser & Associates.
  2. In 2019 – 2020, we will strive to have quarterly Board meetings and/or committee meetings in order to maintain committee activity as evidenced by committee meeting minutes in order to maximize operations and benefits to our membership.
  3. Continue to support Emergency Preparedness education and resource distribution for ASC’s.

Created: 2007
Revised: 6/2014, 11/2014, 11/2019