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If you get a similarly worded email - block it/junk it/spam it!


My name is James, and I'm reaching out to inquire about arranging a memorial service for our late aunt, who recently passed away after battling cancer in Noblesville, IN. Could you confirm your available appointment slots for consultations? We are looking for compassionate support during this difficult time and would appreciate any assistance you can offer for a successful memorial service on Mar 21st.

I will also like to confirm do you:

  1. Offer payment options through credit cards? If not, what other payment methods do you accept?
  2. Are you able to coordinate with our preferred band, both in terms of payment arrangements and logistical coordination for their performance during the event?

PS. If you do call and can't reach me, I'm probably busy at work so please leave a message and I'll call you right back.

Best Regards...

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