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Michael Randolph   on Tuesday 11/30/2021 at 04:43 PM

Link-age Solutions is a true partner with Brethren Retirement Community. They are group purchasing but so much more.

As far as group purchasing there are a few key elements I value:
1.One is in the large number of members to drive volume, therefore driving pricing down for each member. This is true in many streams such as Food Service, Office Supplies, Medical Supplies, etc.
2. THE unique thing about Link-age versus other purchasing groups is that members have a say in what products are attached to the agreements. There are councils for Dining, Medical and Maintenance and each member community can be part of that council. The council tests products, helps review RFPs, meet directly with manufacturers etc.
3. These councils, also, help members to share experiences and brain storm together on opportunities, quality improvement, etc. During the height of Covid lock down. Link-age created weekly zoom calls for members to talk about solutions to the ever changing environments in long term care. This is an example of just how the councils work.

Other ways that Linkage is unique is they are available for issues and opportunities within the facility. They have a team of very experienced in the field council members that are willing and able to come to an individual community upon request and helping.

Lastly, they are more than group purchasing. They are leaders in looking for the newest and best practices and / or companies that can improve quality of life that call a long term facility home. Then they share these ideas, practice and companies with their members.

Ultimately, they are a daily solution to make the residents at Brethren Retirement Community a better place to live and work.

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