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Michigan House Approves Funeral Procession Safety Bill

Earlier this month, the Michigan House of Representatives approved legislation modernizing Michigan’s Vehicle Code to increase awareness of funeral processions and ensure the safety of all motorists on the road. The measure passed unanimously by a vote of 107-0.

The bill, House Bill 4072, sponsored by Rep. Bob Bezotte (R-Howell), would allow all motorists taking part in a funeral procession to activate their vehicles’ hazard warning lights or utilize mounted flashing, rotating purple or amber lights throughout the duration of the procession.

The legislation was originally slated to receive a House Regulatory Reform Committee hearing where MFDA was prepared to express its support. However, the bill was abruptly discharged from committee and sent to the full House floor for immediate action. The November 7 elections that took place a couple days earlier, altered the Democratic majority of the Michigan House (Please see article below).

House Bill 4072 has been referred to the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for further consideration.

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