2019 Billing Expo - Prize Drawing Registration

Register your Prize Drawing! Here's how it works:

  • Bring a prize to the conference with your business card securely attached
  • Display the prize at your booth
  • Collect business cards/drawing slips from the attendees**
  • Draw the winning card/drawing slip
  • A Member of the MMBA Board will collect your winners name after the last break. A rep will need to be at your booth in order for us to collect this information, or we will draw you winner's name and notify you of the results.
  • The MMBA President will present the prizes at the end of the conference
    **PLEASE NOTE: It is imperative that vendors come prepared with means to collect entries for the drawing. MMBA will not facilitate this for vendors. Also, keep in mind that not all attendees will have business cards.

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    Prize Information

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