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Welcome to NAHAD

United Hose Incorporated

How long has your company been in business? 

2016 onwards. 

How long have you personally worked at the company? In the industry? 

I have an experience of 12 years + in the industry. UHI is 7 years old and growing fast. 

What markets do you serve? 

TX, OK, LA, AR, AL & CA.

What do you feel differentiates your company from your competitors?

United Hose stands out for consistent service and best quality hoses. Our Hoses are our real Heros. And we make sure they reach our customers on time. Therefore, our turnaround time for the delivery is 36-48 hours from the time you place the order. And our rates are very competitive in this highly volatile market which makes our customers highly satisfied. UHI mantra is very simple - Customer Comes First. Hence, pricing, quality and delivery are the key factor for UHI Mondea to Drive the Flow.

Why did your company join NAHAD?

We have joined NAHAD for continuous growth and gain experience in Hose sector.

Name the benefits you hope to gain from membership in the association.

We think to join NAHAD we can explore different businesses and also make good networking contact. 

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