2020 Professional Development Institutes offer CEUs

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Professional Development Institutes are intense 4-hour workshops that are designed to provide participants with in-depth information. Participants registered for a PDI will receive 4 contact hours for their participation. Participants must register for these sessions (additional fees apply). Space is limited - register early!


7:45 – 12:00 noon

PDI #1 Military Culture and Its Impact on Career Development

This PDI targets the non-veteran career practitioner working or seeking work with veterans. Presenters will describe military culture, identity development, and military systems impact career transition, and introduces the career development competencies for Veterans. Session includes a panel presentation of veterans on the impact of military culture on their career transition experience.

Heather Robertson, St. John's University; Suzette Fletcher, Billings Public Schools


PDI #2 30+ Interventions for Employee Career Development Integration: A Developmental Model and Its Use

Employee career development can be facilitated in various ways. The Employee Career Development Integration (ECDI) model mapped 30+ interventions according to a career lifecycle, exploration, entry, development, mastery, and exit. In this PDI, you will walk away with concrete strategies and tactics that you can apply to your organization.

Hyung Joon Yoon, The Pennsylvania State University


PDI #3 Innovating Career Practice Using Career Construction Counseling

Career construction counseling provides a means for people across life's diverse spectrum to use work to actively master what they passively suffer. Integrating theory and practice, this session engages participants in learning and practicing career construction counseling and its core method of the career construction interview to increase their knowledge and skills in its use. Designed for a general audience.

Paul J. Hartung, Northeast Ohio Medical University; Mark L. Savickas, Northeast Ohio Medical University; Brian J. Taber, Oakland University; W. Chris Briddick, South Dakota State University; Jackie Peila-Shuster, Colorado State University; Suzanne Savickas, Avenues of Counseling and Mediation; Logan Vess, Kent State University; Evan Faidley, Kent State University


PDI #4 Innovation in Private Practice: How to Reinvent Your Process, Pricing and Promotion

The careers industry moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look into the future once in a while, you might be missing it. Refresh your approach by connecting with the new needs of today's clients. Learn new service delivery, pricing, and marketing models that align with your target audience.

Marie Zimenoff, Career Thought Leaders


PDI #5 Career Group Work: Creating Meaningful Conversations to Break Client Barriers

Career practitioners are skilled at presenting information to groups, but how do we create meaningful conversations with participants from diverse backgrounds? This experiential workshop will teach participants how to deliver four career work groups: Financial Literacy, Name Narratives, Student Veteran Outreach, and Professional Communication for Job Seekers with Disabilities.

Marty Apodaca, Heather Ver Brugge, Autumn Collins, University of New Mexico



1:15 – 5:30 pm


PDI #6 Social Justice and Career Practice: Using Superhero Storytelling to Design Empowered Career Narratives

Focused on empowering marginalized clients, this interactive session will explore the science of superheroes and its applicability in helping these individuals navigate career choices and decisions. Using an integrative approach including Narrative Storytelling, Intersectionality, and Chaos Theory this session aims to equip career practitioners and educators with an advocacy-oriented career framework.

Amanda Friday, Georgetown University; Thommi Lawson, University of North Florida; Angie Smith, North Carolina State University


PDI #7 Enhancing Career and College Readiness Self-Efficacy of Children and Adolescents

Details of evidence-based psycho-educational units for adolescents and children and customized individual career counseling interventions for adolescents will be presented. The underlying theme is enhancing career and college readiness self-efficacy. Related curriculum documents, outcome data, treatment strategies employed, and hands-on exercises will be provided. Time scheduled for Q and A.

Stanley Baker, North Carolina State University; Robert Martinez, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Regina Williams, North Carolina Central University


PDI #8 Social Justice 101: An Introduction of Concepts and Applications for Career Practitioners

Social justice is an increasingly important, yet often misunderstood, framework for addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion issues. This interactive workshop, facilitated by members of the Committee on Diversity Initiatives and Cultural Inclusion, is an opportunity to learn more about social justice concepts with direct applicability to your career practice.

Kyle Inselman, University of Denver; Christian D. Chan, Idaho State University; Cheryl Love, Cal Poly Pomona; Brian Hutchison, New Jersey City University


PDI #9 Hands-on Tools for Veteran Career Counseling

This PDI introduces and demonstrates specific tools and resources for career counseling with military/veteran clients or students.  Session will cover career assessments, career interventions, job search strategies (including Federal jobs), transferable skills, military resources, military-specific challenges, and advocacy, as well as the career development competencies for veterans. Attendees are asked to bring a laptop.

Suzette Fletcher, Billings Public Schools; Heather Robertson, St. John's University




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