The 2022 Awards Nomination Form - Upload Instructions

Now that you have completed the NCDA Member Awards Nomination Form, please read these instructions for uploading additional nomination materials.

First, save all additional materials into one PDF. The PDF file uploaded must have the nominee's last name and award name included in the file name. If the award nominee is an Organization, Program or Center, include that in the file name with the award name.

Tip: to create one PDF, combine all supporting documents into one WORD file, select File, Export, Create PDF. Alternatively, you can scan all the documents and save as one PDF.

Then, Upload Supporting DOCUMENTS
(this page prompts the nominator to login to their individual NCDA member account).

Don't forget to email the link to the writers of the Letters of Reference: https://associationdatabase.com/aws/NCDA/input_form/display_form_01_show?contact_id=$$Contact%20ID$$&form_no=102&host=retain&contact_id=$$Contact%20ID$$

Questions? contact Alicia Cheek at acheek@ncda.org or call (918)663-7060 Mon.-Thurs. 8am-5pm Central Time.

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