Creative Marketing on a Limited Budget

by May Lansigan

Creative Marketing on a Limited Budget
Adapted from the “Marketing on a Sand Dollar Budget” workshop presented at the 2004 WACE Conference by the UCI Career Center and the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Corporation.

The purpose of Career Center marketing:
As Career Center professionals, we want to prepare students with the skills and resources to succeed in the workplace. Effective marketing is essential because it increases student awareness of the career resources available and the tools necessary to create their future success. The following provides a general overview of our target population and corresponding cost-effective marketing strategies and examples.

Understanding the student population:
Although populations vary from campus to campus, understanding today’s students affect the way that we market to them!

Types of Cost-Effective Marketing:

1. “Free” Marketing:

2. Low-Cost Marketing:

3. Higher Cost Marketing:

Financial constraints have a “double impact” on Career Centers: reduced operational budget, and decreased employer-related revenue due to diminishing company recruitment efforts. However, Career Centers must continue to provide students with the tools and support necessary to successfully attain their life development goals. In times of limited budgets and constant changes in student populations, creative marketing is a necessary tool to effectively and efficiently create success!

May Lansigan
, (B.A. Social Sciences, UCI) is the Marketing Coordinator for the University of California, Irvine Career Center. For over five years, she has been involved with launching new programs and services for undergraduates, graduate students, alumni and employers. Promotions, strategic marketing, advertising, consulting and program planning have all been her focus. May can be reached at
Email: mlansiga@uci.edu.

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