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URGENT: Member Alert

From the Executive Committee:

For the last two weeks, NCPLA has been working around the clock to identify a solution to the lobbyist and principal registration fee increases enacted in the budget. We have been met with kindness and empathy from a handful of legislators, particularly Senator Newton and Representative Saine, and language that NCPLA requested has been added to the House technical corrections bill, S508. The provision would delay implementation of the fee increase until 2025 and allow us to work on a solution during the short session.

While the House plans to vote on S508 today, the prospects for passage out of the Senate are not clear. We are asking all NCPLA members to reach out to their Senate contacts now to urge adoption of the provision to delay implementation of the fee increase, in S508 or another bill, before the session adjourns. The collective influence of our membership is formidable and we are absolutely capable of moving the needle on this issue.

Please take a moment to contact your Senate friends to urge Senate action on this important issue and to also thank Senator Newton and Representative Saine for their support. We will keep you posted and sincerely appreciate your assistance.

John Hardin, Whitney Christensen, Alex Miller, Maeve Gardner, and Sarah Bales

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