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Pick Up Your Directory Today and Tomorrow

We'll be in the Sine Diner 1-4pm

The new directories have arrived, and we will have them in the Sine Diner today and tomorrow afternoon from 1:00p-4:00p. We will add additional dates if needed.

As a reminder, members are allowed one directory each, and we will also have them for all Representatives, Senators, Legislative Assistants, and select General Assembly staff.

This year, we will also be sending a digital copy of the directory to all of the above, and you can download it here: NCPLA Directory - April 2023. We will update this again this year, which is the advantage of distributing a digital copy. Please feel free to use this file in lieu of a printed copy.

In addition: members, clients, and specialties are searchable on our website. We encourage you, your clients, and those who might inquire about NCPLA to visit to take advantage of that tool.

If you choose to pick up a physical copy, we will have a list of all members to limit distribution.

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