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NCPLA Member Update

Good afternoon, NCPLA members, 

The Long Session has adjourned to a date certain. The Executive Committee remains in conversation with Legislative leaders on Lobbyist registration fees and fast passes. We hope to have updates soon.


Please review the Winter Directory draft below. This will go out next week to Legislators to have between now and the Short Session. We will send another update once that begins. This will be a digital directory, not printed. Information split across two pages will be fixed, and sponsor information will be added at the beginning. This is merely a draft of YOUR information.

Changes cannot be made in this document. For any changes (name, title, company, clients, picture, etc.), please makes those changes in your NCPLA member account, as all information is pulled from those.

View the Draft


Now that the long, long, long session is behind us, The N.C. Tribune would like to offer NCPLA members a discounted annual subscription for $350. 
If a member is already a subscriber, we will offer you a $350 renewal rate to be added on to your current subscription.
This limited time offer expires Nov. 30 as we ramp up for the (hopefully) short session.
New subscribers: Simply set up a username name and password on the Tribune website here. After that apply the discount code: smbusiness in the appropriate tab to receive the $350 annual subscription. 
Current subscribers: Contact Jennifer Ware at to extend your current subscription at the $350 rate.

NCPLA was founded in 1998 to instill core values of integrity, honesty, and professionalism among the lobbyist community and pass along those values to the next generation of lobbyists. NCPLA Members agree to abide by the NCPLA Code of Conduct

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