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What is the NC lien law in regards to auctioning a vehicle?

Highway 69 Storage - Mary Wiegold

We are having an Auction this week on several storage units.
Upon inspection of one of the units, we found a vehicle inside. What is the NC lien law in regards to auctioning a vehicle?

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Kevin Leebrick on Friday 10/21/2016 at 08:57AM wrote:

You are selling a unit. Doesn't matter what's inside. Again you are auction the contents of the unit, not a vehicle. Should it happen that a vehicle is inside all the better, you should actually get your money back.

Barbara Hancock on Thursday 10/27/2016 at 03:09PM wrote:

If you want to sell the vehicle at auction you must first obtain title from NC License and Theft Division of the DMV. Alternately recent change to the statue allows a vehicle to simply be towed away by a towing company. You would not receive any funds this way but you would not have to spend time and money to go thru DMV. The statue is very clear on this regarding anything that has a VIN number.

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